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Help your "want to try"

Many surprises and emotions in life. A world full of surprises and creativity in people's lives through the simulator experience.
A company that provides various experiences with simulation technology.

About Us

A comprehensive provider of simulations.
We expand the possibilities of simulation from personal use to commercial amusement and the Ministry of Defense, and provide products that feel closer to you.

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Simulation product


Simpit screen

Overwhelming immersive feeling. Experience "being there".


Cockpit simulator

The best experience is here.


Ski / snowboard simulator

The ultimate simulation experience that sticks to "real".


Real-time system

A real-time simulation system that supports Japan's defense.


Aim Simulations

Ultimate simulator package

The one you are looking for.

What we believe in

Make simulation more familiar. We offer simulation products that give you an unprecedented immersive feeling, with the desire to make it easier for you to experience the emotions that can be obtained through simulation. The image projected on the enveloping screen will make you feel like you are there.
Simulating the environment itself and fusing it with reality should create unprecedented surprises and emotions.
The wide sky as far as the eye can see, the endless roads, the flowing scenery, the places of longing, the long-awaited moments. The time has come when such experiences can be achieved by simulation.
MR (Mixed Reality): Mixed reality is a virtual experience that is different from VR. The feeling of being wrapped in realistic images gives you unprecedented surprise and excitement. We will further expand the possibilities of the simulator so far and propose an unprecedented simulation experience.



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