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Ski & Snowboard Simulator

Ski / snowboard simulator

Ski & Snowboard Simulator

The ultimate simulation experience that sticks to reality

Safe and efficient training is possible with the ski / snowboard simulator.
Everyone from kids to beginners, intermediates, advanced and professionals! Training is possible not only during the ski season, but all year round, regardless of the weather, and individual coaching provides fast and optimal results, both technically and physically.


Sophisticated practice

It is designed to provide sophisticated training methods to improve your skiing and snowboarding techniques. Suitable for all levels from beginners to professionals. You can practice with your own tools.

Practice in indoor ski simulator

Example) 1 lesson 10 minutes 3 times for 30 minutes (2 groups of 3 people slide 60 minutes for 10 minutes in turn)
In addition, you can enjoy various methods such as private lessons, events, and free skiing.


Training comfort

It's an indoor practice, so it's comfortable without the cold and heat.
It doesn't take long to prepare and you can start slipping immediately!

Kid Training 1.jpg

The ski generation has been passed down.

Skiing and snowboarding is a sport that everyone has done or wants to try.

It is also a sport that you will want to try again even if you move away. It feels good to glide in nature, and the dignified snowy mountains are unique to winter sports. When I was a kid, my family and the generation who went to the snowy mountains with my friends may have been interrupted by various life events.

That generation will take their children and start skiing as they used to, and the next generation will find the fun.


With the times

Skiing and snowboarding is one of the sports that takes time to acquire skills. You need to actually go to the ski resort and take lessons. Even if you practice "skiing", it is important to "actually ski" at the end.

Basic training is very important, but it is this simulator that can efficiently do the last "actually slipping" part. You can practice skiing with real skis and boots, so if you can ski with a simulator

You will be able to ski at ski resorts. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding by further refining the "sliding" feeling obtained with the simulator at the actual ski resort.
It is an epoch-making simulator that allows both students and instructors to enjoy skiing in a win-win manner, reducing the burden of preparation and movement, safety management on the slopes, etc. that were in the past ski resort lessons.


Efficient lessons

Skiing lessons for complete beginners can be a daunting task.

Lessons at ski resorts are difficult due to restrictions on lesson time and the weather. Beginners start by walking, and it takes time to climb the children's slope many times and get the hang of it.
The ski / snowboard simulator can be started on the spot and multiple people can ski and take lessons at the same time on the slope. There is an auxiliary bar that can change the height, and you can slide while holding it.
Just as toddlers do lessons, those who have never skied or snowboarded can enjoy the feeling of "sliding."
If you use the simulator before the lesson on the slope, even beginners can learn the fun in a short time and it will be a very good memory.


The lesson time and number of lessons are determined by the simulator operator and ski instructor, but our simulator can ski up to 3-4 people at the same time. (Depending on the simulator type)
In the case of 1 lesson for 1 hour, if 1 group of 3 people slides for 10 minutes, a maximum of 6 people can take lessons for 1 hour.


To everyone

From children to the elderly, from beginners to advanced, with or without handy caps, everyone can train and glide to their level.

In addition, you can repeat the test as many times as you like without going to the ski resort, such as developing and testing ski equipment, research and development, and developing artificial hands and legs.

It is also attractive as an amusement such as an event using a simulator or a private party. It can be used throughout the year, such as group charter and midsummer ski training camp. In addition, if the lessons are offered as a ski club, instructors can be hired all year round, creating stable employment.


You can efficiently practice with the ski / snowboard simulator for pre-training when tourists from overseas return in the future.

Disabled Ski-UK Government.jpg



Big Max-2000
Sliding surface:
The size of the gliding surface is required to make the right knee bend, body movement and timing in the simulator. The ISB2000 has a sufficient sliding width of 500 cm (655 cm including side steps).
The maximum number of people who can slide at the same time during the lesson is 3 adults and 4 children. (1 instructor)

Angle and speed:
The angle can be freely changed from 10 degrees to 20 degrees with the remote control according to the level. The speed can be set to the optimum speed for skiers and snowboarders.
Equipped with a "start / soft stop function" that prevents falls with a wireless controller and main control box.


・ Overall length: 12.90m
・ Sliding surface: 9.50m
・ Overall width: 6.55m
・ Sliding surface: 5.0m
・ Tilt angle 10 ° -20 ° (hydraulic type)
・ Speed adjustment function ・ Remote control ・ Safety fence ・ Safety handlebar ・ Steel frame ・ Safety mat


Layout example



The ski slope is always under the supervision of the instructor, and all controls are performed by the instructor, and if a fall or danger is determined, the slope will stop when the stop button on the control panel or the stop button on the instructor's remote control is pressed. increase.

In addition to these buttons, a stop button placed next to the slope and a pressure sensor installed at the end of the slope will automatically stop when you get on the back edge of the slope. There is also a laser sensor type automatic stop function as an option.

Control panel
The control panel, which consists of a 12-inch touch screen, makes it easy to operate the machine. The color image shows the actual speed and tilt angle. You can also link to your local network to view the booking system. The panel has a manual control button, an ignition lock, and an emergency stop button for safety.

Remote controller
With Maxx Remote, you're ready to go.
Easy and efficient start, stop, with a reliable and lightweight remote control

You can accelerate. It meets CE requirements and is IP65 water resistant.


MAXX-Grass artificial turf

The artificial ski glass (artificial turf) we provide is a top product with a proven track record of many years of research and development.
Only the highest quality PP fiber is used. Its high stitch density creates artificial turf with exceptional ski quality and long durability.

Platform carpet

Platform carpets around the slopes are available in a variety of colors.
Durable, water resistant and easy to clean.

Maintenance kit

The repair kit contains a strong, fast-curing two-component adhesive. In the unlikely event of minor damage, you can follow the manual and use the repair kit to repair it easily and quickly.

If you need to restore a larger area, please contact us for other options.

Lubricants and cleaners

Maxx Lubricant is an organic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable lubricant.
As the artificial turf wears, the chalk tends to get dirty. Regular use of Maxx lubricants maintains the best sliding properties and guarantees the life of the artificial turf.

Maxx-Clean is an acid-based cleaner with a high level of cleaning effect against some types of oxides, chalk stains and Maxx-Grass degradation due to calcareous water.

Mirror glass

Maxx Mirror Glass can be learned and improved more quickly while watching your slip. ..
It is a large face-to-face mirror and has the advantage of being transparent.
4 mirrors per slope – Dimensions: 250 x 125 x 1 cm – mounted on a sturdy steel frame and placed in front of the slope.

MaxxTracks brand skis

Maxxtracks branded label skis provide users with optimal control, stability and comfort at the beginner, advanced or athlete level. Our skis have been specially developed for use on indoor ski slopes / treadmills and / or other artificial snow decks. These innovative skis are extremely durable, have a high price-to-quality ratio, and are truly a "must have" for ski centers.
* You can put your logo on the skis and stands.

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