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Simpit screen system

SimPit Screen System

Overwhelming immersive feeling.
Experience "being there".

Next Generation Virtual Reality Ultimate Mixed Reality: MR (Mixed Reality) Simpit Screen System

Simpit screen is a revolutionary screen system that fuses real and virtual space with images projected on a screen of up to 270 degrees.


Overwhelming immersive feeling

MR (Mixed Reality) Experience the overwhelming immersive feeling in mixed reality and the real feeling that the field of view of up to 270 degrees reflects.

A feeling of freedom overlooking the surroundings. The front-mounted display provides an unprecedented experience with overwhelming images from a full HD short-focus projector. The black screen emphasizes color, contrast, black and details, and the front projection system ensures a clear view even in daylight. It can be used for various purposes such as PC games, various simulations, and video viewing.

We provide a powerful large screen and simulation experience not only for commercial use but also for personal use.

Virtual reality (VR) and MR simulation are the same in the sense that they "experience" the world created by a computer, but in simulation with an MR simulator, scenery and situations are projected on the screen in front of you without using VR goggles. And overwhelming mixed reality is realized.

Unlike VR, there is no age limit, so you can enjoy it from small children to the elderly.


The Avenger 202 Pro is a strong commercial model that uses an aluminum pole for the screen with a screen radius of 85 cm and a viewing angle of 202 degrees. It can be used mainly for events, commercial facilities, training, exhibitions, etc. It is highly customizable, such as adding decorations and changing the screen height and pole height.

The images projected by the two projectors provide an amazing mixed reality.

avenger 202 PRO 2024.JPG


The Avenger 180 is a home model mainly intended for personal use.

Experience MR (Mixed Reality) at home with an overwhelming immersive feeling due to the 180-degree curved display. Lightweight and easy to assemble MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) type.
Two short-focus projectors project amazing images.

We provide an unprecedented gaming experience.


CENTURION 270 series

Centurion 270 Pro can create a virtual environment that can be wrapped in three projectors.
It can be used mainly for events, commercial facilities, training, exhibitions, etc. It is highly customizable, such as adding decorations and changing the screen height and pole height.

Centurion 270 is a lightweight 270 degree frame made of MDF material.

The 270 degree curved display simulates the surrounding environment with ultimate immersiveness.
Please enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in 270 degree images and the feeling of getting into the game.


The frame's MDF material (medium density fiberboard) is lightweight and durable due to computer-controlled CNC laser cutting.
There are three types: basic without painting or laminating, black with black painting and double-sided laminating for excellent durability, and aluminum poles suitable for commercial use.
Polycarbonate screens combine excellent impact resistance, flexibility and structural strength. Since it is not a film screen, no tension is required when installing it. A black pearl screen with a special surface layer filters the ambient light while reflecting the image created by the projector, making the image very sharp and out of the screen. The configuration is also very simple, just assemble the frame and screen like DIY.
You can experience extraordinary life immediately with your favorite computer and your favorite projector. In combination with the driving sheet, you can have a more realistic experience.


Two or three (Avenger) or three (Centurion) projectors of the same model with short focus full HD (1080p) or higher are required.
The standard resolution is 3840x1080 for Avenger and 5760x1080 for Centurion 270.

SimPitWarp Edge Blending and Correction Software

This is essential software for screen blending and correction (calibration).
System requirements
Wndows 7 or above (32bit or 64bit) 2GB or above memory
Nvidia Surround compatible graphics board


At least two outputs are required on a Nvidia Surround * compatible graphics board.
Connect to the HDMI of the projector from the HDMI of the graphic board and the display port (DP).
(You may need a DP-HDMI conversion connector.)
(* 2 This is a function to set two screens (two outputs) to one large screen. Multi-monitor setting)

You can also use it on your own personal computer. (We can also make suggestions)

For corporate use, we will make proposals including high-performance PCs and applications. The composition depends on the game and content you play. See recommended configurations and recommended models. You can use your current computer as long as it meets the required specifications.


A dedicated controller is indispensable for a more immersive simulation experience.
Please prepare a flight controller, a steering wheel controller, and a game controller as needed. (We can also make suggestions)

Large size (XXL frame)

The Avenger model supports screens with diameters from 2.3m up to 5m.

(Screen height is from 1.5m to 2m)

It can be used for projection mapping and a more realistic video experience.

直径2.3m x 1.5m

直径2.5m x 1.5m

Pre-delivery test screen

直径4.0m x 1.5m

直径5.0m x 2.0m




Simpit screen size

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